Sunday, November 13, 2011

Operation Baby #2 "The Beginning"

So as I stated in my first blog, I want to have another child. I know it is weird to most people seeing that Nia is only 10 months old. You have to know my story for you to understand why sooner than later is better ( I think ) for us. In 2007, I had to have my left ovary removed and tube due to a very large cyst that I had. I was also diagnosed with large fibroids and the dr. suggested that I have surgery on both. I went to an RE who told me to wait on the removal of fibroids, but have the surgery for the cyst. 

Praise God it was just a cyst and not cancer!! I recovered from my surgery, meet my husband, got married, but was still in alot of pain from the fibroids. In September of 2008 I had the fibroids removed. The surgeon told me that my case was in the top 5% that he's ever had to do. I ended up needing a few pints of blood and he told me that I had a clubbed tube and felt that IVF would be the only way that we would be able to conceive. My husband was not on board with IVF for financial reasons, as well as; for spiritual reasons. We did A LOT of praying, and I after doing a Powerpoint presentation to my husband on the pros of doing IVF, he was on board. 

We did our first IVF cycle in June of 2009 and I suffered from over stimulation, we just knew that we were pregnant, but we got the bad news and I fell apart. We had 5 embryos, transferred 2 in the fresh failed cycle, then did a FET in September. Only 2 embryos were good enough to transfer. Sadly, it did not work and I was devastated again. In December of 2009, I had a HSG test which found that my only tube was open and the dye spilled over!!! We were so excited!! But in January, I was suffering heavy bleeding and extreme pain. My RE did an ultrasound and found that fibroids were growing really fast and that I had more than 10. He suggested a hysterectomy and for me to get a surrogate to carry our children.  BUT GOD!! I prayed and put the word of God over my uterus and my husband's seed. I felt defeated for a moment, but then I remembered Who I belonged to and that the blood of Jesus is more powerful than infertility!!

We were told we should try IVF one more time before doing another surgery. We did an MRI, and they found a fibroid tumor in my uterine cavity and that might mess up our odds of conceiving. BUT GOD!! We went in for another test after much prayer from our prayer warriors and they did not find a thing!! GLORY TO GOD!! We felt that God was giving us the go ahead and we did a fresh cycle and conceived NIA who is now 10 months. I had a hard pregnancy, but it was worth it and I really want to do it again. But only one thing stands in my way, my husband. He prefers to adopt. I want to adopt, but I want to have another (biological) child too. I have been and will continue to pray and ask God for direction and to soften my husband's heart on having another baby. I REALLY WANT A SON! LOL!

My goal is to meet with our RE and my Fetal Maternal doctor to see what they think, but at the end of the day, I will follow God. I'm casting my desires upon Him and know that if it's in His will for us to have another child, we will have it. I hope you all stay encouraged while ttc'ing and waiting for your time to shine. 

Peace and Blessings!

Friday, November 11, 2011

11-11-11 The Beginning Of A New Journey!

I decided to launch my blog today in honor of today's date. I am so happy to start this journey with you all, and I look forward to interacting with you. My baby girl is 10 months old, she is our miracle baby. Our journey started back in 2009 and after 2 surgeries, 2 fresh IVF cycles, and 1 FET. We were blessed with Ms. Nia. She has shown her personality since the day that she was born. SO TRUE!! LOL!

I want to be able to connect with other women that are considering IVF, had failed IVF cycle(s), miscarried an IVF pregnancy, expecting children from IVF including surrogate pregnancies, or have children from IVF. I welcome all moms and future moms, I just wanted to be able to share my story as well as hear other's stories of trying to become a mommy and succeeded. Infertility is such an ugly disease that most people look past and don't even think about how it affects the couples that are facing it.

We shouldn't hide the fact how we were blessed with our miracle babies! We should celebrate how God blessed us with these children and help to educate those who may not understand how IVF works.

Please join me on my journey of sharing my experiences of motherhood, as well as trying to get my husband to try again for my baby boy. :0)

May God bless you all!